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  • Welcome to Nope. Nope came out of a need we had on the iMacLinux Page for a more robust and simpler database engine/interface than the Zope engine we were using previously. Like most software, Nope is a work in progress, but it's pretty usable as it stands.

    If your want to setup an interactive site that's pretty easy to maintain, download it and give it a try. Stop back and let me know how things go, and I'll add a link to your site.

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      Nope Functionality
    Search for nope Posted by Michael Baird on Tuesday April 10th, 2001 11:06:21 AM
    I've been experimenting with Nope and am wonderinga about some of it's functionality.

      Features of 0.9.11?
    Search for nope Posted by Chris Neale on Tuesday March 27th, 2001 11:29:31 AM
    From the in sidebars dept.
    Will 0.9.10+ allow php tags in the sidebars - I want to try phpAds integration, unless that's going in by default

      Sorry about the site
    Search for nope Posted by Stew Benedict on Saturday March 17th, 2001 01:09:23 PM
    From the gotta-find-more-time dept.
    Sorry about the state of the site. Sourceforge must have made some changes, and the icons weren't showing up. There will be a new version out real soon now, which will be HTML4 compliant. A couple of new things, including inline NOPE tags, which will allow you to add functions in the side bar content. The new version also sports a new look with page footers and headers.

      Nope 0.9.10 release
    Search for nope Posted by Stew Benedict on Sunday August 27th, 2000 06:15:28 PM
    From the YAR dept.
    Nope 0.9.10 has fixes for compliance with PHP4, plus some more additional functionality and bugfixes:

    correctly capture single "'" in text for old versions of PHP

    fix phpPolls default config - include README

    fix autopost due to change in MySQL update on SourceForge - use NULL instead of ''

    add flexibility to sidebars - can use right, left or neither - fixed data can be placed on either side

    added Quick Search function

    can now integrate plain html pages into database

    re-sort Topic Icons by record_no, decrementing

    reworked article display code - cleaned up tables

    added lot's of comments and "n's" to output to make things human readable

    fixed admin article move code
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      0.9.9 Release
    Search for nope Posted by Stew Benedict on Friday July 14th, 2000 05:30:38 AM
    From the another-day-another-release dept.
    Another small bug in the administration area - (thanks David). Rather than mess with folks having to grab extra files, I'm just going to go to 0.9.9. Follow the link at the right to download.
    (2 comments) More

      0.9.8 release
    Search for nope Posted by Stew Benedict on Wednesday July 12th, 2000 07:08:10 AM
    From the try-this-one dept.
    This replaces 0.9.7, which had a few bugs - no new functionality.
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